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Our services are various and not limited to the following, but are so structured to effectively address every class of client and needs.
• Making travel arrangements for clients 
• Travel ticket booking and reservations.
• Hotel booking and reservations.
• Providing visa assistance 
• Liaising with the airlines on behalf of clients
• Seamless Check-in and Boarding Pass 
• Rebookable Tickets and Travel Insurance
• Travel advisory and Counselling
• Structuring travel itineraries for clients according to  interests. 
• Monitoring the to & fro journey of the clients
• Hunting/searching for the best prices on all services.
• Event management services. 
• Provision of ground transportation –  car hire service during their stay in foreign countries.
• Arranging special tours for people on vacations.
• Providing any form of service or assistance that would improve the travel experience of clients.
• Last Minute Travel Logistics and Travel solutions provider
• Travel bookings: flights, hotels, transfers, car hire, insurance & visas
• Travel support: ensuring your executives’ specific travel needs and preferences are met every time
• VIP travel services: private charter flights, limousine transfers, escorted airport transfers
• Strategic travel policy development
• 24/7 emergency travel assistance
• Global supplier negotiations
• Traveller tracking technology and emergency communications
• Real-time reporting
• Expense management solutions
• Student Visa, Admission, Housing and Study/Work Permit
• Birth and Maternity Tourism
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